New Items

Alloy Lucky Four Leaf Clover with the colors of the Irish flag Friend ship style strings. Nice to give it to a friend or loved one and give them a little luck there way.

Alloy Four leaf Clover with sterling silver lock beads.

Green string often signifies protection from evil forces, is a good luck charm, and is a blessing that is carried by the receiver. Green encapsulates hope and chance, the color of nature, symbolizing birth and harmony. It represents truth, stability, and balance.

You can find it on my etsy shop and note which style you want.


If you can’t beat the heat, wear stronger deodorant

NOTE there’s no baking soda because I have read that it turns under arms darker and irritates others.

Well I’m not a fan of deodorant. I mean the majority deodorants out there, it’s full of chemicals and aluminum. I don’t live in a world that I can purchase all the organic, natural, gmo, cold pressed stuff. That’s where doing it myself came about. Well, I have been using a natural deodorant, that is a pretty piece of coin I have to say but it works. So I decided to go through my items which I pulled a MacGyver. I started mixing some things together and though the fails and tribulations I made this magical home made goodness… A working deodorant! So now I’m selling it for a fraction of the price that other natural non working deodorants do.  I want everyone to afford things that is beneficial to ones health. So here’s to you and our stench free underarms.

Here you can see I don’t trim the bars and its 2.5 oz same as one that comes in a standard stick. I didn’t want to use plastic. I think we have enough plastic in our Earth and I don’t want to add more. You can put this is an old tube or use the tin that on my etsy site.

It gets shipped in undyed parchment paper

The bar is on the creamy side so using an applicator or your fingers I think is the best way to use it. I use my fingers and sometimes I just hold it in the parchment paper and use it like normal deodorant I just don’t apply to much pressure.

I don’t use baking soda because a lot of people are sensitive to it and don’t realize it, it causes darkening of the underarm and causes issues with irritation as well. This is good for sensitive skin.

The replacement powder is known to have beneficial properties and detoxing agents.

Arrow root, Diatomaceous, Magnesium powder, coconut oil, Shea butter, Almond oil, beeswax, and Essential oils.

A vegan one is in process for the future.


History about Evil Eye

Have you heard of an Evil eye?

Evil eye is known as:

Hebrew Evil Eye – Ayin Ha’ra
Turkish Evil Eye – Nazar Boncugu
Italian Evil Eye – Mal Occhio
Farsi – Bla Band
Arabic – Ayin Harsha
Scotland – Droch Shuil
Spanish – Mal Ojo or El Oja
France – Mauvais Oeil
Germany – Böser Blick
Romans – Oculus Malus


New Bracelets in!

Don’t need to worry about your jewelry turning your skin green the 14kt gold filled 3mm beads is long lasting good quality beads with 6mm letters you can put any meaningful word or love ones name be creative and customize your own bracelet. Sterling silver is available too.


Love is Love

Love is real, real is love.



Sterling silver 3mm beads with personalize phrase/name, etc. a charm letter it free of charge.