Happy New Year!

The wait of the arrival of 2021 has come!

In the darkest times there’s the little light. We just need to open our eyes to see it. For peace, balance, love and harmony. For humanity.

We all had an abnormal year, but that just shows us how we can adapt to anything that gets thrown our way, we are strong, we are brave, we will fight for justice. Be thankful of how far you came because sometimes it can fill like you can get stuck in the mud, in some dark place… But remember that’s just fear, that’s just you covering your eye. Just break free, open them up and absorb the light, the energy that you are made of. Time, consistency and determination can get you anywhere. You just have to feel it, feel it in your core and fight to get there. Some fights can harder for some people then others but that’s ok we are all not perfect and we don’t know everyone’s battle. That’s just another thing that makes us unique.

This year goes to you, to me, to our brother’s and sister’s remember to carry your self with your head up and shine bright. A smile to yourself never hurts either. #foreverselflove