Lucky Bracelet

This is a lucky bracelet for a Capricorn.

All natural genuine semi precious stones it includes Green Tourmaline, Garnet, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli with a 8mm Sterling Silver 925 Lobster Claws Clasps

The Ruling Planet of Garnet Gemstone is Saturn and due to shared Ruling Planet with Capricorn, this Gemstone is Best for Capricorn Natives. The benefits of wearing this Stone are:
This Stone helps in Finding the Path of Life.
It helps you to grow after Crises in Business.
Provides Power about Spirituality.
Garnet increases Self-Confidence, Courage, and Trust.
This Gemstone is best for those Capricorn who doesn’t know where their life is going and wants some Light to follow.

Lapis Lazuli:
This stone is also considered a Good option for Capricorn Guy. Some benefits of wearing that Stone are:
It increases Awareness in Capricorn guy about People and daily thing Kinds of Stuff.
Lapis Lazuli is best for those Capricorn who wants to start their own business because it increases Ambitious in Person, and all need to run a Good Business is Ambition.

The Black Powerful Stone is best for Soaking Negative Energy and Emits positive Energy for you. Some more benefits include:
Help you to grow Physical Strength.
During the Stress time, this Stone can take away all the Negative Energy and brings Positive Energy, so you can do all the Stuff with an immense Energy.

Meanwhile, the deep green color of the Tourmaline gemstone can help a Capricorn receive fame and prosperity. This crystal helps make sure that you are rewarded for all your contributions and hard work. Not only that, it should in normalizing the natural arrogance and ego of Capricorns, also working as a great healing stone.

More zodiacs will be coming out soon.

You can find this bracelet here.